How long are the rides?
Half days are about 3.5 hrs in length. Full days are about 7 hrs.  Our 2 hr Trips are 2.0 hrs, but that includes dock time for embarkation and debarkation, therefore time at sea is slightly less, more like 1.5 -1.75 hrs for the 2 hr trip as an example.

What about weather?
Admittedly some days are better than others. If you wish to switch days, it will be based on availability.

Is a deposit required ?
Yes we require a 15% deposit and a valid credit card on file for all bookings.  ALL reservations are subject to a minimum $75 cancellation fee.  For additional information, see our Cancellation Policy.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
 All cancellations or  change requests should be made as soon as practical. We would appreciate at least 48 hrs. notice for any change to or cancellation of your booking.

  • Cancellations made 48 hrs or longer will be refunded less a $75 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours will be billed at 50% of the trip fee. 
  • No show appointments or “day of sail” cancellations will be charged in full.   

If the Captain, in his judgement cancels the trip for any reason including weather, any / all payments will be refunded in full.

Where are you located?
We operate out of Lagoon Pond in Oak Bluffs.  MV Boat does Pickups and dropoffs at the public dock on Beach Road, across from Eastville Beach.

You may access a Google Map here
It is a parking lot and dock between the drawbridge and Wind’s Up surf shop on the Oak Bluffs/Vineyard Haven line. There is free parking in the parking lot or it is easily accessible by cab.

What if we get seasick?
Many more people worry about this than actually get sick. Its no problem, if it is rough and you don’t want to venture out, we can just hang in Tashmoo or the Lagoon. You still get all the benefits of being on the water without any motion. If there is a problem we can always just come back in.

Will there be other people on board?
No, when you reserve the boat, you get the whole boat. We take up to six passengers but will go out with just one. The exception is our one split trip offering.

Are children allowed?
Yes.  We love children, however a couple of words about cruising with small children. In our experience, cruising with very young children can be stressful. Most parents want to provide an unforgettable experience to their children, but if they are under 6, they will be unlikely to recall the trip. Infants, curiously often do better than 1-6 yr olds, mostly because they sleep through it. If you want to go out with young kids, call us to discuss so that we can explain the rules of the vessel and to make sure we provide the best and safest experience possible.

What can I bring on board?
Typically, you should consider bringing the same things you might bring to the beach or an outing/picnic. Snacks, CLEAR beverages, lunch, towels, sunblock (non spray type), coverup, hat, glasses, camera. Please wear white soled non slip shoes. We can provide ice, but you need to let us know. If you have a special request, please let us know, we will try to accommodate you.

My cruise is a surprise for someone, can I arrange to have some things on board ahead of time?
Yes, we can arrange to have anything already on board, just let us know.

Do you offer fishing trips?
Typically, no. While we are fully equipped as a fishing boat, there are numerous fishing charters available throughout all the island towns. We want to be different. We want to offer the joy and unique pleasures of boating to those who are not looking to go fishing.

Are Drugs Permitted ?
No, any drugs, even if legal under MA laws,  found or used aboard will result in immediate termination of the excursion, forfeiture of the full trip fee, and return to the nearest port for debarkation as the vessel is subject to federal laws.

Is topless sunbathing permitted?
Yes.  Once a staple of Vineyard culture, topless sunbathing and skinny dipping continue to be enjoyed by many people and are loosely tolerated in certain areas, although the popularity of the island and the massive influx of newcomers some say threaten the “live and let live” attitude that makes the Vineyard unique.  Many of our trips are to Moshup beach, which is an “unofficial” clothing optional beach.  For those preferring a more discrete experience, or the freedom to experiment, particularly in the age of reduced privacy, a private charter is the perfect way to go.  Note: Subject to all Maritime, State and local laws and ordinances.

What is the therapeutic Clay Bath? Is that Vineyard Clay?
NO.  The clay we use for our clay bath is imported onto the island. It is a proprietary blend of French Green and Calcium Bentonite Clays. It IS NOT taken from the cliffs of Gayhead, but pays homage to the claybaths of Gayhead’s past. Working with the clay is restorative for your skin – you will never remember it feeling so soft to the touch. You apply the clay either on the beach or the stern deck. Then the clay is allowed to dry. This draws toxins out of the body through the skin, leaving you rejuvenated. If you come with another person or a group, you can also apply the clay to each other. It’s fun, creative, and improves wellness. We use Calcium Bentonite and French Green clay infused with minerals and hydrated with sea water.

It says “Design your own trip”, what does that mean?
It means you get to decide how you want to spend your time on board. Our most common itinerary is to simply go out into the and enjoy the water. However, you have many options. We can cruise to Menemsha and get lobsters, or Edgartown harbor for lunch, Lagoon Pond or Tashmoo, for solitude, Oak Bluffs harbor for parties and boat drinks!!.. We often go to CuttyHunk, a great day trip, or Lambert’s Cove. Another popular destination is the cliffs at Aquinnah and Moshup beach.

I own a vacation rental on Martha’s Vineyard. Can I hire MVBoat to take out my guests?
ABSOLUTELY. If you own or manage a B & B or a vacation rental home on Martha’s Vineyard and are looking for an edge, something special to encourage guests to stay with you, consider hiring Martha’s Vineyard Leisure Charters to offer complimentary cruises. For more information, Contact Ed if you would like to discuss giving your Island vacation rental a competitive edge