….. If you’re looking for a great place to bare it all for the first time with your spouse or partner, this is a MUST.  Hanging out under the cliffs, away from the crowds is the perfect place to drop your swimsuit or bikini bottoms in a quiet and relaxed setting.    Once you get through the anticipation, you’ll wonder why you felt so much anxiety for something that is so simple and feels so natural.  Amazing how good it feels when all you’re wearing is a smile. In an hour, it will feel like you’ve been doing this your entire life.  Amazing, thank you so much Captain Ed.

………. M & E – Fairfield, CT


…..Thanks again for our outing on Saturday. You really know your way around that Island. Lake Tashmoo was so peaceful, I could escape there for hours! The cliffs on the beach were beautiful. The adventures on the beach were fun and relaxing………. M M -Walpole, MA



(We) had a BLAST! It was a 20 year dream to get there and it could not have been a better trip. Thanks so much for making it possible…..Ellen L – Colorado Springs, CO





……Thanks for the awesome time!  Its was perfect (highlight of our bacheloertte weekend) and the girls were thrilled!!!! – Tracie C. – Boston & Oak Bluffs,  MA



…..It’s very simple, to experience a ride on board of ‘Island Time’ ……it’s just “le bonheur”..pure happiness..!

Your boat ride was absolutely fantastic, so relaxing and friendly!

To see the island from the sea is very special too, especially aboard such a
beautiful boat! Francoise D. – Paris, FR

(note: Madame Duffau enjoyed her experience so much she uses “Island Time” for some of her French classes on-island in summer.)



…Thanks again….. we did have a great time, …… Your pictures came out far better than ours did.  Next time I need to remember not to leave my camera charger at home!!

– Holly M. – Somerville, MA





6…..What a great way to get another perspective of the island! And the kids had a great time. The captain cheerfully answered all of their million questions and he turned them onto the movie “Jaws,” and pointed out a few landmarks for them to look for. The adults? We were just happy NOT to be answering questions for a few hours! Very relaxing. ……….  – Lisa & Cheryl – Sunapee, NH



7……..I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for our wonderful evening last week. It was a beautiful night and the perfect setting for our engagement. My fiance and I couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism that truly lent itself to a memorable night. You and your staff did an amazing job making sure that every detail was handled appropriately. We will cherish our engagement night memories for the rest of our lives and we are glad that you were a part of it. We hope to see you again on our next visit to Martha’s Vineyard.

Thanks again!!!!

Matt & Erica – N.J.

(note: Matt proposed to Erica on Island Time in August, 2007. ……..She said yes!)

2018 UPDATE – 10 year anniversary cruise, see below



9…Hi Captain Ed, I wanted to thank you again for such a great boat trip around MV yesterday. I was such a beautiful day and we all had a very nice time. And thank you especially for making Emily’s day so special, you’re very sweet to have thought of bringing the cakes! Attached are a couple of photos of our wonderful day.
Thanks again! ……… The Madeira’s – Padenarum, MA

This is an update to a story that began 11 years ago.

11 summers ago a young gentleman rented the boat to propose to his girlfriend.

This summer they returned with two children in tow to celebrate their ten year anniversary and he called me and said he wanted to come back out. I appreciated that the boat and the island meant so much to him, and he had such detailed remembrances. I had some champagne and two glasses waiting.

It was touching, it reminded me of how fast time flies in my own life as well.

Cheers to Matt and Erica